Wednesday, January 21, 2009

you are my only sunshine....

So...yesterday was spent on the couch, I wasn't feeling the best...and watch the new President get sworn in, and all of the hoopla that went with it...and i'm going to be honest...I teared up at his speech. Hopefully he can do all that he said he was going to...we desperately need "change".

As for today, I had a friend come over and scrapbook with me...which is nice..being laid off for 4 weeks, and only looking at hubby...tends to make me a lil testy. So it was nice to see a familiar face and sit and "girl talk" for awhile.
I did about 6 more layouts today...which is good for me...but my cricut mats aren't sticky anymore, so i'm taking the time, and washed them off..and letting them dry. Tomorrow's another "scrap" day for me!

But, for tonight..i'm finishing up this blog...going to fold some laundry..and go watch TAPS on TV... I was over to the MB that I used to go too but there's way to much crap I think that i'll nix going back. I'll have to find another cricut message board to visit for ideas.