Sunday, January 18, 2009

Went to visit my Aunt

I hadn't been to visit her since she left the rehabilitation clinic after her surgery, so my sister and I paid her a visit. I love going to visit her, because she's funny as heck!
Well she takes me into her "storage" room, and there was this sticker holder thing...and she let me keep it...I was so happy!! I already have some of my stickers on it, and can't wait to fill it up!!

I finally have the downstairs finished, cleaned the carpet in the family room, so now all of that is finished. Tomorrow, I just have to come down to the scrapcave, and straighten up from all the stuff that I brought down here from the family room.

Then after that, it's all "me" time. I plan on coming down here and creating layouts for a couple hours each day...maybe if I can finished one complete layouts per day....for 10 days...that's gonna be 20 or more layout...because I do 2 12x12 layouts for a "complete" layout..hehhe.
I don't have anything else planned, except going to work out...but I plan on doing that in the evening when the girls can go with me.
Time to start thinking about "me"...the kids are getting older, and i'm not getting any younger!