Monday, January 26, 2009

Well..yesterday was hit n miss

First off...I now realize, that when you don't have a lot of're house realizes it, and screws up....seems like since i'm laid off these 4 weeks....everything decides it wants to break.

First was the furnace...$500....took away from my shoppin money!!! water tank.....still gotta price one of those puppies out.

So yesterday was supposed to be laundry and watch Indiana Jones trilogy whilst scrappin....I had to wash everything in cold water...but still got to watch my movies!

Then I discovered, that i'm out of things to scrapbook! I've went through the 20 something albums that i've already created, and noticed that they're mostly of my kids when they're younger. Yes, 20 albums of my children. And I still have a buttload!! But, i've run out of ideas...kinda. So, i'm just going to go through the pics, decide the best one's, and scrapbook that...then move on. I know that I have way more pics than that...and of thier adolescence ...not just now I must move on....sad to say..I love looking at pictures of my kids when they were little!
So..these are my accomplishments from yesterday

The first one is of my DH and his brother...they were standing next to the vacuum and I had a cute cover for it...and I said...Hey honey, it's your new girlfriend, and he said that he was going to marry her, cuz she cleaned (long story)...So, I took pics...

The second layout is of my oldest daughter graduating from preschool, all those years
That's when I realized that i've scrapbooked enough of my kids when they were little...because i'm making doubles of things i've already scrapbooked....*sigh*..time to move on!!