Saturday, January 17, 2009

It's Saturday....

And it's SNOWING....and it's COLD...and yes, I have to venture outside today and get some more rubberbands for my braces...ugh! And believe me, going outside at -35 degrees, smiling is not an option, neither is talking. Because the cold that races through the metal, which is attached to my teeth, can knock me too the ground...and yes, I learned this the hard way. So for the last couple of days, I have ran out of my house, made a beeline straight to the van, hoping that none of the neighbors are out, to where I don't look like i'm ignoring them.
I seriously can't wait until it warms up!! I don't mean the 95 degree 100% humidity hot, I mean the 75-80 degree, nice breeze, warm up. I just love spring!
And I am going to be working on the last room in the makeover I started when I was laid off...I only have 2 more weeks off, so I better finish quick!
I put the computer/desk down in my scrapcave, so it's close to me while i'm scrapbooking, I can take a break and logg on, and see what's going on. And yes, this room is a mess that's another thing that I have to finish.
Ok...I think I have enough gumption to take my behind outside now...gotta work myself up to's flippin freezing outside!! of the kids said it was snowing...