Thursday, January 22, 2009

Life in the fast lane......HA

Well, I have little more than a week until I get to go back to work. One side of me is happy, because I miss everyone...and I miss getting a paycheck! The other half of me isn't going to like it, because I hate that stupid alarm clock, and I won't get to scrapbook as much. : (

So, i'm going to take the time, and get as much done as I can! I cleaned off all of my cricut mats, to make them sticky hopefully I won't have to go out and buy more...and i'm going to be getting down to business! lol

I'm going to miss all of the free time too!! It's great to be able to come to the scrapcave and just leave everything behind, and just go through the memories of my children when they were little! They're all teenagers now, and soon, they'll be flying from the roost and out on their own...

Ok..enough dwelling on that! So, today is the day I start using up some of the cartridges that I have for my cricut, that I haven't used

Post pics later!